Article in Bath Chronicle

Article in Bath Chronicle

Guerrilla Gardener


What started out as a one-off PR stunt to highlight awareness of the perilous state of many roads in Bath turned into a national media frenzy resulting in this film. 

Everyone can help their local councils by reporting the location of potholes and they’ll go and fill them in. Show our roads some love!

Shooting in Vegas

Driving around Vegas last week and we came across this big sign and thought 'Jeez, that's a cool name..' and then as luck would have it, we met our new chum and honorary Jabberwocky, 'Elvis the Impersonator'. He wasted no time at all in trying to get into our film for Samsung Mobile by offering an open-top tour of Vegas in his bright red Mustang…


The original Jabberwocky

'Jabberwocky' is a nonsense poem that features in Lewis Carol's 'Through the Looking Glass' book from 1871. I've always loved the made-up language and the way a sequence of words can stimulate the imagination. And like any good story, you tend to remember them. Here's the first verse.